is a mastering house that specialises in analogue mastering. Weve listened to the rest and we think they are good... neat, tidy and it seems, mostly digital. We prefer analogue mastering using rare valve line amps from the 1960s and solid state soft limiters of 1970s vintage in discrete arrangement. This improves spatial quality (width in stereo recordings which is certainly adversely affected in the digital domain) with the added dimension of detail in the midrange becoming warm and clear.

This engaging sonic integrity remains throughout radio play compression and MP3 encoding. We do sometimes use digital devices like the Focusrite multiband compressor, T.C.Electronic finaliser and DBX Quantum digital mastering processor to increase level or perceived loudness, especially for Hip Hop or dance music.

We are dedicated to the idea that mastering is a consultative endeavour and our resident sound engineers Donna Cole and Michael Klein have between them some fifty years of experience in the sound recording industry.

We will master a complete album for a set price or alternatively an hourly studio rate can apply if you prefer.

We aim to provide you with a product that will compete with the best because we listen harder and believe that our work will remind your discerning audience of how good sound can be as the conveyor of the full spectrum of modern music.

Contact us and we will be happy to master one of your track at our expense to show you what we can do to enhance your album, video or film sound at our studio in London, W1. I look forward to hearing from you-


RAM analogue mastering desk, Teac valve line amps - circa 1962, Drawmer and Joe Meek compressors, Symetrix single ended noise reduction, HHB Burnit & pro Marantz & Phillips CD recorders, Technics CD player, MXR soft limiters, Roland Presence processor, ADC paragraphic equaliser, Enhancer (scintillator), Traffic passive EQ, Rogers pro export monitors -3 way BBC type, Wharfdale pro diamond monitors - small desk type, JVC and Technics amps, Revox tape machine, Russian tape machine - Telefunken type, Garrard 301 record desk - Stanton cartridge, Ortofon arm.