Sound bytes by artists affiliated with RADIANCE MASTER RECORDING-

FELICITY BUIRSKI writes & sings of life’s introspective terrain and is a poet for her time. Her first album Repairs And Alterations critically acclaimed was followed by her second Interior Design with its more complex layering. Her new CD, currently being recorded, entitled Committed To The Fire continues the intriguing chronicle of her inner journey.

JESSICA KNIGHT is a refreshing young singer with a warm voice in the tradition of classic soul and blues performers who are her guiding inspiration. Her original songs for the upcoming album In A Different Light illustrate her sensitivity and versatility. 

MICHAEL KLEIN is an eclectic singer/
songwriter, composer and music producer with a diverse output of work for film, TV and radio. His personal view expressed on the well-crafted & varied new album called Leave No Stone Unturned does what the title suggests and will be marketed with a free, limited edition CD & bonus track of the very collectable Either/Or by ‘Everyone Involved’ (music by *MK). Have you heard Melancholy Misunderstood Michael’s acoustic promotional CD?

THE JOYFUL PROCESS made this concept album called Life On Earth at Heartbeat Sound. It is a comment on life today. Listen to this meaningful funky house music for heart, mind and body and get the groove. May their music move your spirit in the way that it does ours!

BYTES:You Stood Me Up,
Michael Klein, Leave No Stone Unturned, Michael Klein, Imagination, Michael Klein, Hold On, Michael Klein, Let There Be Light, Felicity Buirski, Blow The Bridges, Felicity Buirski, You Stood Me Up, Michael Klein, Life On Earth, The Joyrul Process, In The Name Of Love, Jessica Knight, Leave No Stone Unturned, Michael Klein, Repairs And Alterations, Felicity Buirski, Love And Water, The Joyful Process, Committed To The Fire, Felicity Buirski, In A Different Light, Jessica Knight.

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